Anonymous asked: "You're never going to get a girlfriend. You're absolutely pathetic!"

Thank you for the confidence boost


if you’re in Urbana, IL and you DON’T make a short detour to the house from the cover of the American Football LP…
…u basic

Anyone from New Jersey or Pennsylvania that books shows primarily house, basement or college shows? I’m in two emo/sad bands and we bring out a good crowd


The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
College selfie
Anonymous asked: "sometimes i wish i was dead and then i realize id hurt a lot of people which sucks. because i really really don't wanna be alive anymore"

I thought about stabbing myself with a steak knife when I was in the kitchen 30 minutes ago, we all get thoughts. The brightside is I’ve never tried to kill myself and I really hope you won’t either. It would hurt a lot of people and that’s what keeps me going

ridiculoushans asked: "What instrument do you play? Or do you play multiple? (:"

I play guitar bass keys drums trombone and some others

Anonymous asked: "I love you a lot"

I love u more

Anonymous asked: "Do you like being fat?"

Do you like being a piece of shit? I hope your mom fucks you in the ass with an 8 inch strap on

Brand New - Jesus Christ (x)

Basement (by Mimi Hong)

Brand New // Limousine